About us

Omnicom Media Group Hungary operates as part of a leading global media network Omnicom Media Group (OMG), with more than 21.000 OMG employees around the world, delivering highly innovative solutions in the field of media planning & buying, covering all media types, powered by our best of class talent.

In Budapest, OMG Hungary is composed of two award-winning agencies: OMD and PHD, while OMG is the umbrella company hosting specialist and support functions. What remains the same no matter where you sit: our people are the very heart of our company.

OMD taps into the power of innovation, creativity, empathy and data to make Better decisions, faster for our clients. Enabling them to learn faster and act faster. Empowered by our holistic marketing operating system Omni, and our guiding end-to-end process OMD Design, we provide outstanding solutions to globally successful brands.

PHD is well-known for being one of the most forward-thinking media agencies, by challenging convention and breaking new ground in communications. The culture of thought-leadership and building strategy based on profound research run deep in our DNA - even now when PHD has grown into a global leader from a small challenger agency.